Palmetto Login VM

Palmetto Login VM is a platform that integrates remote graphical desktop access to the Palmetto cluster using virtualization technology.

Quick Start

  • Click MyVM | Request VM to get an VM assignment.
  • Click MyVM | Show My VM to see your VM assignment.
  • Click MyVM | Release VM to release your VM assignment.
For more information, see the user guide or the quick start guide.

Access the VM

  • Lauch a Remote Desktop Client on your desktop, enter the IP address of your assigned VM in the Remote Computer Filed.
  • Log into the VM using your Clemson ID/Password plus authorization on your DUO two factor authentication device.
  • Use your assigned VM to conduct your work on the cluster.

Sample Use Cases

  • Run GUI applications.
  • Oragnize advanced workflows.
  • Computational software development.

Notice: Access to the Login VMs is currently limited to campus network. When you are off-campus, you must first connect to Clemson VPN and then access the VM.

Warning: Unauthorized access to this machine is prohibited. System use may be monitored and recorded by system personnel. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, system personnel may provide the evidence from such monitoring to law enforcement officials. All users of this system are governed by the Clemson Cybersecurity IT Policies and Procedures published here